May 16, 2013

DIY Succulent Garden

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DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

Succulents are trending. I honestly think I see a succulent pin or blog post at least once a week. I’m jumping on the band wagon and showing you how to make a succulent garden.

First you need to go out and buy your succulents and cacti. Your local garden center should have a variety, if not there are many vendors on Etsy who sell them. When choosing which ones to buy make sure they vary in height, width, texture and color. This is important because you need balance in your mini garden.

For my garden I chose twenty-two succulents and two cacti. When handling cacti make sure you wear needle proof gloves.

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DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style


Before planting your succulents and cacti, place them on a table and arrange them in the way you want them in the planter. This way you can figure out the best placement for each plant.

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

Place small rocks on the bottom of your planter. This allows the water to drain. If water cannot drain, the soil becomes too wet and the roots can rot causing your plants to die. Don’t skimp on the rocks, trust me.

Place succulent and cactus soil on top of the stones. This is also an important step because this special soil has higher sand content than regular soil. This helps imitate the plants natural habitat.

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

Once you have finished planting all of your succulents and cacti place the leftover stones around the plants in clusters. You can also use reindeer moss. I used a combination of both.

DIY Succulent Garden - Quinn Cooper Style

1 planter (mine is from West Elm)
Enough succulents and cacti to fill your planter (varying in size and color)
1 bag of succulent & cacti soil
1 bag of stones
1 bag of reindeer moss
1 pair of needle proof gloves (if using cacti)


10 thoughts on “DIY Succulent Garden

    1. Quinn Post author

      No it does not have holes in the bottom. I put those rocks in the bottom so the soil does not get soggy. I only water it once a month, because that it all it needs. You just need to make sure you don’t over water because these plants will die very quickly form over watering. Also if there is too much water it will sit in the bottom of the planter and start to smell. If you don’t want to risk the smell you can add some charcoal with the rocks and it will absorb the smell.

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