How To Make Pesto Pasta With Chicken & Tomatoes

If you’re a fan of pasta, then you undoubtedly love to eat pesto pasta with chicken and tomatoes. This is truly a tasty and savory dish that is a favorite of many people around the world. However, there are many ways that you can make it and we will now look at one of the very best recipes.

So, you will need pasta, pesto sauce, fresh chicken, Greek yogurt, cherry tomatoes, basil, spinach and mozzarella cheese. Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, you can get started putting this dish together. Place a pot of water to boil for the pasta and be sure to add enough salt to flavor it. Once the water is boiling, add the pasta and allow it to cook until it is al dente.

Next, you’ll need to prepare the chicken. Simply cut it up into small cubes and sautee it in a pan until golden and thoroughly cooked through. In a separate bowl, add the pesto sauce to the Greek yogurt and thoroughly mix. You should then mix in the spinach and pour the entire mixture into the drained pasta.

Once the sauce is fully combined in the pasta, you can add the cooked chicken, tomatoes, and mix. Be sure to sprinkle in some basil as well as add in the mozzarella cheese. You can have this dish as is or you can bake it. Simply place the pasta mix into a baking dish and bake it for about 30 minutes at 360 degrees F. Once fully baked the dish should be beautiful and slightly browned and the cheese should be completely melted. When serving, be sure to sprinkle some fresh basil for decoration.

This is a very delicious healthy and colorful dish. If you’ve never tried to make chicken pesto pasta with tomatoes, then be sure to give this recipe a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Important to keep your kitchen clean before and after you use it to keep the food away from dirt. Clean your kitchen utensils, equipment, and tools. For cleaning my grease trap at home, I always call grease trap services in San Francisco.

10 Household Chores You Must Do Every Spring

Spring is upon us and it is time to prepare for the upcoming warm weather. Herein we will delve into the top 10 household chores you need to do this spring.

#1. Changing The Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Batteries – While this is a straightforward task to complete, many people do not do replace the batteries in their detectors as they are placed in relatively inaccessible parts of the house. You should replace the battery during spring cleaning.

#2. Dust Up High – The vast majority of homeowners forget to dust their ceiling and the ceiling lights as they are a tad inaccessible. Spring cleaning offers the best opportunity to dust such parts of your house.

#3. Wipe The Utensil Organizers And Holders – Dust and wipe the utensil organizers and holders if you have not done so in recent months. Clean the inner and outer surfaces.

#4. Inspect The Water Hoses In Washing Machine – The hoses in your washing machines have a finite life span owing to the high-pressure water they are exposed to. To reduce the risk of flooding, inspect the water hoses and replace any faulty hoses you find.

#5. Change Interior HVAC Air Filters – Changing the filters in your air conditioner is important as it reduces the wear and tear in your HVAC system.

#6. Discard Unwanted Items – As part of your spring cleaning, ensure you discard all the items you do not use or need. Clutter not only takes up valuable space in your home but also makes your house seem disorganized.

#7. Clean The Hard To Reach Spots Under Your Furniture – Move your furniture and clean the hard to reach places.

#8. Clean The Downspouts And The Gutters – With expected increased rainfall, you should clean the gutters and downspouts to negate the risk of blockages.

#9. Clean The Windows And The Window Treatments – Clean the window glass and dust and or clean the window treatments, whether it is window screens, shades, etc.

#10. Drain The Sediment In Your Water Tank – Spring cleaning is your best opportunity to remove any sediment that has settled in your tank.

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Key Road Safety Tips To Remember

Roads play a huge part in our day to day lives. We use them to get from point A to point B. Roads are used by both people and vehicles. They are also used by bikers, cyclists, skaters and many others. What this means is that there are generally many people on most roads at any given time. When there are tons of people using a specific resource at the same time, you can expect numerous safety concerns to arise. When it comes to road usage, road safety should always come first. Here are 4 key road safety tips that you should always remember.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

First and foremost is to always wear a seatbelt when traveling in any vehicle. Seatbelts were created to safeguard passengers’ safety and lives in case of an accident. The driver and his or her passengers should ensure that they buckle up as soon as they take their seat in the car. This is very important.

Don’t Use Your Phone While Driving

Many people today are fond of using their phones while driving. This may seem like a neat multitasking effort but in a real sense, it’s a huge safety hazard. Using your phone while driving distracts you from what you should be really doing which is concentrating on the road.

Observe Speed Limits

Another road safety tip is to always observe speed limits where they apply. Speed limits are put there for a reason and this means that they should be followed to the letter. Speeding is one of the leading causes of deaths on roads. If you break down and you need towing services, towing in Bakersfield is affordable and fast.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Last but not least is don’t drink and drive. Driving while under the influence of alcohol on any other drug substance can impair your judgment and increase your risk of getting into a nasty accident.

You can stay safe and alive by following these simple road safety tips.

Amazing Home Decoration Ideas – Modern Decor

One of the most beautiful and sophisticated decor styles is modern decor, and fortunately, it is easy to employ within your home while packing a huge visual punch. In this article, we will share some tips that will make your home look amazing with little work on your part.

1. Think “Simple”

The modern decor style is perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity and would like their home to look amazing without becoming cluttered. Therefore, sticking to a “less is more” approach is the way to go. In each room of your home, focus on the necessities – one or two articles of furniture for function, such as a bed in a bedroom, or sofa in a living area, and one strong focal point for visual appeal.

2. Don’t Overdo Color

A truly modern home is not going to be very colorful. Rather, you will want to stick to using neutral colors with one or two accent hues, maximum. However, using neutral colors doesn’t mean that your space can’t look exquisite. Play around with different colors as well as values. For example, if your bathroom counters are dark, you can create fabulous contrast by painting your walls beige, gray, or another light neutral shade, and vice versa.

Another idea that we love when it comes to contrasting neutral colors? Paint your walls a light shade, or a dark one if you are feeling bold. In that room, paint your door and window frames a contrasting hue. Say you choose to paint your walls cream or white. Why not use black to frame the doors and windows in that space? This will aid in making big things happen visually in your home without taking away from the simplicity and sophistication of the modern style. You may also protect your pool with top rated coatings from a pool service company.

3. Go for Geometry

While you want to focus on simple shapes, a pattern or two can help add interest to each space in one or two articles of decoration. If you have a simple, clean black sofa, add a throw pillow or two sportings a geometric pattern. Rugs are also used in the modern home. Just be sure not to overdo it – one bold geometric pattern is generally sufficient for each room. You can customize your decks to make it unique and can add a great deal of value to your home. Hire a deck repair contractor that has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that you get exactly what you have been dreaming about.

4. Embrace Nature

Break up neutral-colored space with foliage! While flowers are not generally used in the modern decor style, your home will look amazing with plants featuring beautiful green leaves. You can certainly use table and floor plants to capture the eye, or if you are feeling creative you can use hanging wall plants to keep your floor plan open.

You can make your house look new again by adding a new layer of stucco. Re-stuccoing can be the perfect way to help update the look and feel of your home. San Jose stucco contractor can install it for you.

How To Find Reliable Concrete Services In Your Neighborhood

If you are in need of reliable concrete services, you’d better start your research from your close neighborhood. If you don’t find any suitable contractors near you, consider expanding the search area until you have enough decent options to choose from.

Before searching for contractors, make sure that you know exactly what you want. If you need someone to build you a concrete deck, you should seek experienced deck builders. If you want a concrete driveway, you may want to find some contractors who can show a good portfolio of concrete driveways. Always try to find the best specialists in the type of project you want to hire them for. This is a surefire method to keep your prices low without having to compromise on quality.

Your favorite search engine is everything you need to put together a nice list of names. Take time to check the websites of all these contractors, in order to see what kind of concrete services they offer and at what rates. If they don’t make their rates public, you’ll have to contact them to ask for a quote. While you are at it, consider asking for a few client references, as well. This will help you weed out contractors that aren’t able to live up to the expectations of their clients.

Keep in mind that the best way to find great services at affordable prices is to compare quotes from different companies. Avoid going for the first service provider that comes your way. Side by side comparison is the only method to assess the local market and your available options.

Your goal should be to hire an excellent team of professionals with great client references and with a proven track record of success. Their work portfolio should speak volumes about their skills and their motivation to do a great job each and every time.

How To Find A Good Roofing Contractor

Repairing or replacing the roof is a difficult endeavor. First of all, you need to invest in high-quality materials to make sure your new roof will last for a very long time. At the same time, you need to find the best roofing contractor to install your new roof or to fix your damaged one.

When doing your research, you should aim to find someone who has a wealth of experience with your specific type of roofing system. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to identify all problems that may arise and find the best solutions much faster than a beginner. As most business owners seek for potential customers online, you’ll surely find lots of information on their websites. Check out their work portfolio, their credentials and their experience. You have to ensure they are skilled and qualified to do the job you want to hire them for. If needed, ask them to show you their certifications and any other documents you may find useful. In addition, check their insurance coverage. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hire anyone without adequate insurance coverage.

If you are keen on using a less experienced contractor, at least make sure you check some of their client references. You may have to contact these companies to ask for client references, but this shouldn’t be a problem. A reliable and professional contractor will be happy to share such information with you, or with any other potential client for that matter.

Last but not least, consider asking for quotes from several different suppliers. Direct comparison is the best method to find the best experts and the most reasonable prices on the market. If you go for the first contractor who promises to help you, you’ll never know whether that was your best option or not.

Toni & Guy – Hair Meet Wardrobe

Recently I teamed up with Refinery 29 and Toni&Guy for their Hair Meet Wardrobe campaign. They choose a bunch of bloggers model hairstyles using their Toni&Guy glamour products. My hairstyle was a low pony that wrapped in the back. I thought it was super cute and easy. For step by step instructions go to Refinery 29 and to buy any of the products used to go here. I also wear eyelash extensions that made my eyes look more beautiful. These are safe to wear and will not damage your natural lashes when they are applied correctly by someone certified. These are applied by a certified lash technician who puts each lash over your existing lashes one by one. Come to the eyelash extensions Oahu pros to get perfect results that you will love.

Post brought to you by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe.

Wood Up Top

I’m obsessed with the idea of a wood ceiling. Someday when I have a cottage/lakehouse/summer home I want wood up top. It brings so much texture to the room, I can’t decide whether I like the more rustic wood or the pristine wood. Which one do you like better? The roofing also has the best quality installed by Maui roofing.

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The last time that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fell on the same day was in the 1800s, luckily for us, we will see this event in our lifetime, this year! The next time it happens is apparently in 77,000+ years from now. Pretty crazy right. We must take advantage of these two huge holidays and combine them into one amazing feast, THANKSGIVUKKAH!

Last week my friend Eden from Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan (if you haven’t seen the show, watch it, it’s great! Tuesdays at 9:30 pm EST on the Cooking Channel) dropped by my apartment to make what she called a Thanksgivukkah Sandwich. Genius, right. This sandwich packs so many flavors your head might pop off. The latkes, the turkey, the homemade cranberry sauce and the fried sage, you just can’t go wrong. If you have some leftover gravy throw some of that on too!

Check out Eden’s blog Eden Eats for the latke and cranberry recipes.

Take note that before and after cooking you should clean your kitchen especially your kitchen equipment. Your kitchen equipment and kitchen hood need to be de-greased and cleaned. If you can’t remove stains, oils, and other dirt on it, call a kitchen exhaust cleaning service to remove them properly for you. If you have a grease trap, clean it also.
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Literary Decor

I’ve always dreamed of having a whole bookcase filled with old classics, unfortunately, I just don’t read enough to be able to acquire all those books to really make an impact. When you wanted a professional and reliable remodeling company to remodel your home, consult a trusted and highly trained remodeling contractor to help you turn a sketch or an idea into a whole new section of your home. All of these rooms are beautifully styled but the books in the background are what make the biggest impact.

The photo below is from Merci, a fun concept store in Paris. That is the little cafe off to the side. Isn’t it so dreamy with all those books lining the walls?

I hope you all have a great new year’s eve!

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