Amsterdam Travel Diary

Well, Amsterdam was definitely interesting. We were only there for one full day and during that day there was a wild hurricane. It was crazy. There were enormous trees falling all over the place, it was very scary, to say the least. I was paranoid for most of the day that a tree was going to fall on us, but in the end, nothing happened.

Other than that we LOVED Amsterdam. It was our favorite city on the trip. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there. Surprisingly, the food was delicious. We had our best meal of the trip on the first night in this cute little restaurant called Gebr. Hartering, right on one of the canals. It was so romantic.

The apartment we stayed in was comfortable, chic and a great place to put our feet up at the end of the long day of walking, in a wind storm.

The city charmed us even with its bad weather. The beautiful little row houses, the never-ending canals. The food, the people, I can go on, but I don’t want to bore you. I sound like I spent a year there, nope just one day, haha. I need to go back.

These were from a restaurant called Harlem.

The best apple pie I’ve ever had at Cafe Winkel, we went two different times in one day.

The two photos above are from the apartment that we stayed in. We loved it!

Cafe Winkel – best apple pie you’ll ever have, the hot chocolate is good too.
Gebr. Hartering – best meal of our trip, do the tasting menu.
Toscanini – really delicious Italian food, very all the “cool” people good.
Harlem – a little cafe that sells American soul food, the nachos are great.