Inspiring Spaces

A neutral color palette but multiple textures give it depth and interest. Just love this room!

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I mean….that wallpaper. It’s so good. I want this in my next apartment.

The pop of pink makes this photo. It gives it life.

Beautiful wall color, it gives off a dark and moody vibe. The leather chair gives it the area warmth and a nice juxtaposition.

Again…amazing wallpaper.

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Weathered furniture and accessories = awesome.

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Look at this humidifier for children isn’t it just cute and would surely brighten any space! I mean who doesn’t love pandas?

How To Make a Cheese Plate

Every Monday night I have a group of friends come over to watch Bachelor or Bachelorette, depending on the season. Most of the time I try to make an appetizer or a main course. This week I made a Cheese Plate. I also added charcuterie, fruit, and crackers to bring in more textures and flavors to the plate.

I choose four kinds of cheese; one blue, one soft, one hard and one that is crumbly. It’s nice to have options for your guests. For meats I chose a spicy soppressata and prosciutto, both are crowd-pleasers. I always try and find interesting crackers for added flavor, these crackers have cranberries and hazelnuts in them. They go perfectly with all of the cheeses. Last but not least, the fruit. Can’t go wrong with fresh figs and honey, champagne grapes and dried apricots. I used a slate cheese board with an olive wood cutting board and layered them for visual interest.

All of the cheeses were purchased at Lucy’s Whey in Chelsea Market.
Blue – Point Reyes Farmstand Co.
Soft Cheese – Moses Sleeper by Jasper Hill Farm
Hard Cheese – Reading Raclette by Spring Brook Farm
Crumbly Cheese – San Joaquin Gold by Fiscalini Farms
Crackers – Raincoast Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps

Every time you use your kitchen, be sure that it is clean before you use it and of course after. From kitchen utensils, equipment and other things you use for cooking. Don’t forget to clean your hood or grease trap if you have. can help you with it.

Hanukkah Tablescape

With Hanukkah early this year and the first full day landing on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to do a little tablescape for this special occasion. This tablescape is perfect for Jewish thanksgiving dinner or dinner on any of the other nights of Hanukkah.

I kept the table super simple with gold chargers, white plates, and a blue tablecloth. I added a couple of eye-catching elements with a simple DIY Hanukkah dreidel card (the how-to will be on the blog tomorrow) along with printed napkins. I didn’t want the flowers to overwhelm the table, I used simple white daisies and stock in mason jars. They add the perfect dash of prettiness to the tablescape. Get some flowers from Interflora and be sure to use my Interflora discount codes.

I don’t know what happened to the knife in this photo?



While visiting my hometown of Toronto, Canada I teamed up with blogger Ali Maldoff of Mint Sprinkles to create two colorful DIYs. We spent the day experimenting with fabric dye in her backyard. Both projects turned out amazing. Check out Ali’s blog where she shows you how to make DIY Dip Dyed Shoes, how fun is that! They are super cute for summer.

For my DIY I played with two different color palettes; blue/teal and pink/purple. My favorite turned out to be the pink/purple dish towels, they are vibrant and bring life to my kitchen. Which ones do you like?

4 White cotton dish towels (mine are from Target)
4 Fabric dye colors
4 Plastic buckets
Rubber gloves
Stirring stick
Drying Rack

Follow the directions on the fabric dye packets and mix four buckets of dye, one in each bucket. Fold the dish towels like an accordion lengthwise.
Dip one half of the dishtowel into the first bucket of dye while still holding the towel in its accordion shape.
Depending upon how saturated you want the colors you can leave them in for as long or short as you want. I left mine in for 15 minutes.
Remove from the dye and rinse the dyed side in water (follow directions on your fabric dye packet).
Follow the same steps above for the other side of the dish towels.
Let dry overnight and voila!

* Wash alone in your washing machine a couple of times to ensure there is no leftover dye.


Succulents are trending. I honestly think I see a succulent pin or blog post at least once a week. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and show you how to make a succulent garden.

First, you need to go out and buy your succulents and cacti. Your local garden center should have a variety if not there are many vendors on Etsy who sell them. When choosing which ones to buy make sure they vary in height, width, texture, and color. This is important because you need a balance in your mini garden.

For my garden, I chose twenty-two succulents and two cacti. When handling cacti make sure you wear needle proof gloves.

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Before planting your succulents and cacti, place them on a table and arrange them in the way you want them in the planter. This way you can figure out the best placement for each plant.

Place small rocks on the bottom of your planter. This allows the water to drain. If water cannot drain, the soil becomes too wet and the roots can rot causing your plants to die. Don’t skimp on the rocks, trust me.

Place succulent and cactus soil on top of the stones. This is also an important step because this special soil has higher sand content than regular soil. This helps imitate the plant’s natural habitat.

Once you have finished planting all of your succulents and cacti place the leftover stones around the plants in clusters. You can also use reindeer moss. I used a combination of both.

On a Side note, if your garden is full of weed and needs to get rid of them I strongly suggest you check out the Best weed whackers available in the market today. Anyway, the materials I used are:


  • 1 planter (mine is from West Elm)
  • Enough succulents and cacti to fill your planter (varying in size and color)
  • 1 bag of succulent & cacti soil
  • 1 bag of stones
  • 1 bag of reindeer moss
  • 1 pair of needle proof gloves (if using cacti)

We also have trees in our garden. You might want professional help when the trees aren’t looking very healthy and they require a good trimming. Yes, unhealthy trees can really bring down the visual appeal of your yard. But a quality tree service will help to prevent this from happening in the first place. And if there is a way to save the tree, professionals will find it.

DIY Hanukkah Dreidel Card

To add some extra flare to my Hanukkah tablescape I made these DIY dreidel cards. The letters that I used appear on actual dreidels. I thought it would be cute to put a different one on each card. It would be nice if you wrote a couple of words or a sentence on the back of the cards for each person at your party.

– cardstock
– scissors
– glue pen
– gold and silver glitter
– a pencil
– template

– Print out the template in the link above.
– Cut out the dreidel and trace it four different times onto four different pieces of cardstock.
– Cut each one out.
– With a pencil draw the one letter on each dreidel. I just google imaged dreidel letters and free handed them onto the card stock.
– Put newspaper or a garbage bag onto your surface to avoid glitter everywhere. Take your glue pen and retrace the letters that you just drew.
– Quickly dump a bunch of glitter onto the letter, wait a couple of seconds then shake the glitter off of the card.
– Repeat this step with each card.
-Now it is time to do the border. Trace the outside line of the dreidel card with your glue pen and apply glitter, shake off after a couple of seconds.
– Let dry for 30mins – 1 hour before touching them.

Crop Tops

I teamed up with Intermix to bring you a little crop top fashion story. This spring/summer is all about the crop top. I chose to do five different outfits that showcase the crop top in different ways. You don’t always have to show your stomach to wear one. To get all the outfit details head over the Intermix blog.

Which way are you going to wear your crop top this season?



My husband told me this was the best sandwich I had made him in the almost six years that we have been together. I might have to agree with him. I mean this bacon is just on another level with the maple syrup and cracked pepper. When you add it to the saltiness of the brie and the buttery-ness of the avocado you just can’t go wrong. Try it, you have to, you’ll love it.

1 pound of bacon (1 package), you’ll have extras and you will eat it.
a wedge of brie cheese
1 avocado
2-3 tablespoons of maple syrup
bread of your choice

– Preheat oven to 350F.
– Cook bacon to liking in a pan.
– Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Put bacon on the parchment paper, drizzle maple syrup over each piece of bacon. Follow by cracking pepper over each piece.
– Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
– Cut your avocado in half, making sure to remove the pit carefully.
– Slice each half of avocado.
– Take two slices of bread for your sandwich and place a couple of slices of brie on the bottom, followed by several pieces of bacon and finally add as many avocado slices as desired.
– Enjoy!

Before anything else, clean your kitchen before and after you use it. Also, your kitchen’s hood and grease trap if you have. You can call a grease trap services to clean it for you.


Awww tents, what our childhood dreams are made of. I was going through my Boho Life board on Pinterest yesterday and came to a few images of tents with mattress. This was followed by a mad search in detailed memory foam mattress reviews for all things tents for the following hour. Sometimes you just get sucked into Pinterest and Tumblr that you forget where you even started. These were some of my favorite images that I came across on my epic boho tent search. I now want an adult tent, in my home, is that weird?

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200


Amsterdam Travel Diary

Well, Amsterdam was definitely interesting. We were only there for one full day and during that day there was a wild hurricane. It was crazy. There were enormous trees falling all over the place, it was very scary, to say the least. I was paranoid for most of the day that a tree was going to fall on us, but in the end, nothing happened.

Other than that we LOVED Amsterdam. It was our favorite city on the trip. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there. Surprisingly, the food was delicious. We had our best meal of the trip on the first night in this cute little restaurant called Gebr. Hartering, right on one of the canals. It was so romantic.

The apartment we stayed in was comfortable, chic and a great place to put our feet up at the end of the long day of walking, in a wind storm.

The city charmed us even with its bad weather. The beautiful little row houses, the never-ending canals. The food, the people, I can go on, but I don’t want to bore you. I sound like I spent a year there, nope just one day, haha. I need to go back.

These were from a restaurant called Harlem.

The best apple pie I’ve ever had at Cafe Winkel, we went two different times in one day.

The two photos above are from the apartment that we stayed in. We loved it!

Cafe Winkel – best apple pie you’ll ever have, the hot chocolate is good too.
Gebr. Hartering – best meal of our trip, do the tasting menu.
Toscanini – really delicious Italian food, very all the “cool” people good.
Harlem – a little cafe that sells American soul food, the nachos are great.