Amazing Home Decoration Ideas – Modern Decor

One of the most beautiful and sophisticated decor styles is modern decor, and fortunately, it is easy to employ within your home while packing a huge visual punch. In this article, we will share some tips that will make your home look amazing with little work on your part.

1. Think “Simple”

The modern decor style is perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity and would like their home to look amazing without becoming cluttered. Therefore, sticking to a “less is more” approach is the way to go. In each room of your home, focus on the necessities – one or two articles of furniture for function, such as a bed in a bedroom, or sofa in a living area, and one strong focal point for visual appeal.

2. Don’t Overdo Color

A truly modern home is not going to be very colorful. Rather, you will want to stick to using neutral colors with one or two accent hues, maximum. However, using neutral colors doesn’t mean that your space can’t look exquisite. Play around with different colors as well as values. For example, if your bathroom counters are dark, you can create fabulous contrast by painting your walls beige, gray, or another light neutral shade, and vice versa.

Another idea that we love when it comes to contrasting neutral colors? Paint your walls a light shade, or a dark one if you are feeling bold. In that room, paint your door and window frames a contrasting hue. Say you choose to paint your walls cream or white. Why not use black to frame the doors and windows in that space? This will aid in making big things happen visually in your home without taking away from the simplicity and sophistication of the modern style. You may also protect your pool with top rated coatings from a pool service company.

3. Go for Geometry

While you want to focus on simple shapes, a pattern or two can help add interest to each space in one or two articles of decoration. If you have a simple, clean black sofa, add a throw pillow or two sportings a geometric pattern. Rugs are also used in the modern home. Just be sure not to overdo it – one bold geometric pattern is generally sufficient for each room. You can customize your decks to make it unique and can add a great deal of value to your home. Hire a deck repair contractor that has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that you get exactly what you have been dreaming about.

4. Embrace Nature

Break up neutral-colored space with foliage! While flowers are not generally used in the modern decor style, your home will look amazing with plants featuring beautiful green leaves. You can certainly use table and floor plants to capture the eye, or if you are feeling creative you can use hanging wall plants to keep your floor plan open.

You can make your house look new again by adding a new layer of stucco. Re-stuccoing can be the perfect way to help update the look and feel of your home. San Jose stucco contractor can install it for you.